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Eligible Training Provider List

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General Information

Kentucky Annual WIA Report Program Year 2004

The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) of 1998, mandates that the Local Workforce Investment Boards (LWIB), in partnership with the state, develop a statewide list of training providers.  These training institutions would be eligible to receive WIA funds for the purpose of providing training to eligible WIA adults and dislocated workers.

The Division of Workforce and Employment Services (DWES), the state WIA administrative entity, is responsible for maintaining and disseminating the statewide list of eligible providers.  This list is a compilation of provider applications submitted by the LWIBs.  Customers, via the internet and the local One-Stop centers, may access this list for information regarding program offerings, cost of attendance, length of program, and performance outcomes.

The statewide program/provider database can be searched from this page, or, you may request information by contacting a Local Workforce Investment Board.

Information is provided for programs or courses which have received initial certification, or have been recertified, by a Local Workforce Investment Area (LWIA) and the Division of Workforce and Employment Services.  Initial certification and inclusion on these lists are based on data submitted to Local Boards by the training providers applying for certification under WIA.  Training providers are subject to removal from the Eligible Training Provider List if they intentionally supply inaccurate information.  Participants are encouraged to review the list prior to enrolling in a program or course to ensure that the training provider is certified to enroll persons with a WIA Individual Training Account (ITA).

Training providers who offer programs or courses under the same program type are listed in alphabetical order.  The order of listing does not reflect any preference on the part of a LWIA or DWES.  Viewers who will utilize an ITA are encouraged to review the data on each program or course, in consultation with their LWIA case managers.  

If a training provider has voluntarily provided additional contact information, then linkages to their external websites may be available to provide customer information when selecting a training provider/program.  However, the Division of Workforce and Employment Services does not validate any information on the training providers' websites.

WIA Certification

A subset of institutions and programs applied for and received certification by the LWIA's in which they are physically located to provide education and training to persons awarded vouchers under WIA.

General inquiries regarding information reported on the Eligible Training Provider List should be directed to the Local Workforce Investment Board.

Inclusion of information regarding any program of training services or any institution, organization or individual providing services is in no way an endorsement of the Kentucky Division of Workforce and Employment Services of a particular program, institution, organization or individual.  DWES has included in this list information provided by Local Workforce Investment Areas (LWIA) and training providers and therefore, does not guarantee the accuracy of the information.  Viewers are requested to report to their LWIA, and to DWES, any inaccuracies found in the information.  For specific information or inquiry regarding WIA eligible training providers, contact your Local Workforce Investment Area.


The Workforce Investment Act requires certain training providers to submit performance information when applying for inclusion on the Eligible Training Provider List.  The performance information is self reported by the providers.

To remain on the Statewide List, training providers are required to meet annual performance goals.  The information used for the renewal process is collected and reviewed by the Local Workforce Investment Area and the Division of Workforce and Employment Services.  This information will assist viewers in making informed choices when selecting a training provider.

Program Cost

The cost information displayed on this list represents only the total dollar amount (per student) for in-district/in-state tuition and the required books and fees for the program or course.  Additional costs may apply, including expenses for out-of-district or out-of-state tuition, non-required fees, books, equipment, materials and supplies, tools, uniforms or living expenses.

In addition, a students' total cost of training may be affected by the program length, enrollment status (part-time versus full-time), residence status (in-district/in-state versus out-of-district/out-of-state), housing arrangements or the availability of additional financial assistance.

If you have additional questions or comments regarding the Eligible Training Provider List, please email .


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